My First Journey at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hallo, i want to tell you about my journey at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Me and my Friend going to Malaysia at November 8th 2015. this is my firts time will be go to abroad. We go to Kuala Lumpur at the morning with Air Asia Airlane. and you know i got my ticket Surabaya-Malaysia-Jakarta only Rp400.000, and than I did not rent lodgings and we just pocket money 500 RM. hahaha lol we so happy at Kuala Lumpur, because I could go further.

in the morning at Juanda International Airport Surabaya, i don't remember this time may be 5.45 AM, I have not been sleeping and this is the first time the same plane. I carry one large duffel bag, a backpack camera and tripod
Surabaya to malaysia takes around 2:45, i can't sleep in the plane, I want to close my eyes because I was scared and I remember the scene in the early years of the Surabaya-singapore plane crashed and there were no survivors. When there is a shock I can only pray to ALLAH that I can arrive at the site safely.
tara finally arrived at Kuala Lumpur Airport 2. relieved arrived in here, although i'm not sleep, but relief finally arrived in the country, although a strange feeling enveloped in a foreign country, and it's the same as going to jakarta
he woman who asked me to go to Kuala Lumpur impromptu purchase a ticket without I have a passport and is willing to accompany me until I get a passport.
so this is my story, I will continue the story of my journey on the title of the next page, I have a lot of experience, and I want to share it with you, and I hope you can follow the madness with minimal costs, greetings from me, thanks for reading my story I love you :)

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