Meet With Puput at Kuala Lumpur

Taraaa in the November 8th 2015 i'm here at Kuala Lumpur Airport 2, may be at Pahang, you know that Pahang same name street at Surabaya (my place same name at Kuala Lumpur, as like Perak, Pahang, Johor, etc). now me and my friends fresh off the plane, we do not know where we want to advance, because we did not have internet access but you do not be afraid, at the airport providing free wifi without security. I happen to have a friend who works in the book name is almost the same with me, her name's PUTRI but we call her PUPUT. so we agreed meet with Puput in Kuala Lumpur Cetral, we ride the bus because if the cost is more expensive train ride. If you ride the train costs 25 RM but if a bus ride costs 11RM.
naaaah this is Kuala Lumpur Central, you can ride up several transport to all directions in Kuala Lumpur, Detailed here there KTM, LRT, monorail and others

this is Uswa and me waiting puput come in here, many tourists who visit here, we were exhausted and sleepy, we finally decided to take a walk to buy cards for mobile phones, we just buy one to save because it costs 55RM each use hotlink, and to save us buy mineral water and two buns total 5RM.
finally now we meet with puput, and we walk to find food near kuala lumpur central, my bad habits I was hard to adjust to the food in new places
finally we decided to eat at this place. and we ordered the food as much as possible cheap and rice.
I forget what this food, and Milo drinks here better than in Indonesia. These foods contain only eggs and fried rice. so many of my writing, if there is a mistake I apologize, I would write all day visit in kuala lumpur at minimal costs I will include all costs. enjoy with my small story.

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