Helo welcome in my blog Anandadppl, you can call me Putri or Pita

My name is Putri Lasim, my nick name Anandadppl, and you can call me Putri or Pita some people call me like that.  Why Anandadppl, ananda meaning is Child "anak", DPPL abbreviation my name. So i like with nick name anandadppl. I am a graduate Universitas Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya, I bachelor in Informatics engineering, I graduated in November 1th 2014, I was not smart and not stupid, I love learning new things, I like the art, so I like draw but my picture is ugly, I am an outgoing person, easy to blend, although I sometimes somewhat indifferent, grumpy and arrogant or haughty. 

I do not look like a programmer or web developer but I can be a programmer or web developer but now I've been lazy coder, I like fashion from cheap to expensive. I like to have many friends of men and women, I would love to travel up the mountain, going to the beach, going wherever I like the origin of everything is positive, not negative. I like photography because this is like art, you can see the results of my picture on instagram page I am not a professional person, but I just wanted to share it. I like art because I used to love the traditional and modern dance. finally this is my short story hope you enjoy. It's up to you who know me judge on me how sure I am happy that Allah connected me with you and has the story with you. Enjoy my blog dear. and and I apologize if there is my writing and my words are wrong.



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