Bromo Mountain at the time of the Chinese New Year (English Version)

I want to write my holiday at the time of Chinese New year, I'm really sorry if my english is very bad. i just want to share for all if you read my blog hehehe. yeah at the time of Chinese New Year, family my friend and me go to Bromo Mount for holliday, but time that we took improper. local residents said that when the Chinese New Year is likely to be rainy and windy. I stayed in one of the lodges near the entrance with price Rp. 200.000 (Indonesia Rupiah) and I rent Jeep for going to Bromo with price Rp 550.000 (Indonesia Rupiah), but if you call local residents you can get Rp. 150.000 (Indonesia Rupiah) For room and Rp 450.000 for Jeep and 4 location. but if you when rising to the region and offered jeep bromo do not want to, because you will hit the rental price Rp 1.000.000/Jeep. If you come to Bromo you want to rent room dan Jeep you bargaining with the price I mentioned above.
lets go Bromo. I departed from the inn to the climbing picked up by jeep at 02:30 am. and because the atmosphere was rainy and windy and because the density of visitors because of vacation time so at climbing or view point I did not get anything selainkan galap pitch, ah yes, entrance area bromo pay at the counter and because I forgot to time it pay how much, if not false Rp 25.000 (Inonesia Rupiah) corect me if i worng.
this is my picture in the view point, if not rain and windy you can see sunrise, but at the time of chinese new year local said for me always rain and windy. so do not be discouraged, we had other places visited.
yes all destinations will definitely be here, when you are riding your jeep will be lowered far there are not visible and you have to walk to ride kepuncaknya, but do not worry you can hire a horse for you to ride with price Rp. 100.000 (Indonesia Rupiah) for round-trip. once again I say, because the atmosphere was raining so this is what the
if you ride a horse, the horse will not bring you ride, but you will be deployed before the stairs, you have to climb the ladder itself to the top, I can not live with the smell of sulfur when it was overpowering and made my chest hurt, so I decided to go down.

because of the rain and wind did not stop as well so it's all foggy, but if it is not raining and windy you look so beautiful right bromo. and the breadth, all because of the rain so that I get the picture just like this. The current temperature is 6 degrees Celsius, so cold in my opinion plus the winds were so shook me. and the next destination Padang Savana or you can call with Teletubis hill.

I will continue to say about the rain and the wind, because all terturtup fog and visibility is very narrow anyway, if you do not like it, you will see a hill like Teletubbies.
I tried getting up and over the hill, but I am a little scared, because the atmosphere in the more quiet and no passing visitor, I am afraid can not find a way back home

I tried once to get this photo, if when the fog began to slowly go really seen all the hill and is very beautiful, baby very quickly passed and I did not have time to get it, and only part of this that I can get. Next Pasir Berbisik or you can whispering sands (may be, correct me if i worng)

I did not get a lot of pictures and a lot of fun, because the rain did not stop and also getting colder because of the rain and wind to be one and the temperature is still only 5-6 degrees Celsius, and it was very cool to stab me. just like the record that I can share, if anyone wants to ask do not hesitate, I will answer as much as possible, sorry if my writing and language is very messy, I'm still learning

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